• NSS is a noble endeavor in academic advancement; it incorporates the civic consciousness among students and faculty in order to secure community interactions; and it brings institutions of higher learning closer to society.
  • It demonstrates enough to use a set of experience and effort to achieve desired objectives that contribute to development initiatives.

 Objectives of NSS

  • Gaining a better understanding of the community in which the volunteers serve.
  • Having a good understanding of the community in which the volunteers serve.
  • Identify the opportunities and demands of their neighborhood and participate in the problem-solving process by understanding themselves in relation to the community in which they live.
  • To foster a sense of social and civic responsibility among themselves
  • To learn how to mobilize community engagement;
  • To develop leadership characteristics and a democratic mindset;
  • To improve preparedness for emergencies and natural calamities;
  • To put their learning into action in order to solve personal and social problems and learn the skills needed to live in a community and share responsibilities.

 Motto of NSS

  • The motto of NSS is  “NOT ME BUT YOU”
  • This reflects the essence of democratic living.
  • Supports the necessity for selfless service
  • Recognizes the other person’s point of view
  • Exemplifies care for fellow humans.

It underlines “The welfare of the individual is ultimately the welfare of society.”


  •   Activities of NSS are divided into two major groups
  •  Regular Activities  
  •  Special Camping Activities
  • Students undertake various programmes in the college, in the adopted villages and urban slums during the weekends or after college hours, such as :
  • Cleanliness Drive on the College Campus
  • Celebration of the Birth and Death Anniversaries of the Leaders and Social Workers of repute and conduct various activities like Debating Competitions, Essay writing Competitions etc.
  • Organizing various types of rallies in the city for the purposes like Tree Plantation, AIDS Awareness, Literacy Awareness, and Collecting Funds for Social causes.
  • Providing the opportunities to the students to attend various District, University, State, National level camps.
  • Developing leadership qualities among the students.
  • Organizing Blood Donation camps, cultural activities, and social activities in the adopted villages.
Name of the Officer UnitContactMail Id
Dr Abdul Majid Bhat(NSS Program officer; Unit I)9797119273bhat.abdulmajid@gmail.com
Prof. Mohd Waseem Mir(NSS Program officer; Unit II)    9596374048mirwaseem36855@gmail.com