Composition and Structure of  IQAC Cell

  1. Dr. (Prof.) Sharief ud Din Khan, Principal (Chairperson)
  2.  Dr. Abdul Majeed Bhat, Department of Psychology (Cooridnator)
  3. Dr. Syed Ishfaq Manzoor, Department of Computer Sciences   (Co-Cooridnator)
  4. Prof. Manzoor Ahmad Kuthoo, Department of Political Science (Member)
  5.  All Heads of the Departments   (Members)
  6.  Mr. Aijaz Ahmad Bhat, Librarian   (Member)
  7.  Prof. Syed Ishfaq Manzoor, Department of Computer Applications  (IT Support – Website Management and Online Processing)
  8. Mr. Irshad Ahmad Thukroo, Department of Computer Applications   (IT Support – Website Management and Online Documentation)
  9. Mr. Aabid Hussain Teli, Computer Assistant (IT Support – Website Management and Online Documentation)
  10.  Mr. Anzer Ahmad Shah, (In-Charge – IQAC)
  • Members from Local Community
  1.  Mr Javid Ahmad Budoo, Member, Local Community
  2. Mr. Mohammad Iqbal Banday, Member Local Community
  3. Mr. Mohammad Rafiq Khawja, Member Local Community
  4.  Mr. Manzoor Ahmad Mir, Member, Local Community
  5. Mr. Javid Ahmad Banday, Member, Local Community
  6. Mr. Sajad Ahmad Sheikh, Member, Local Community
  7. Mr. Aijaz Ahmad Chalkoo, Member, Local Community
  8. Mr. Abdul Gani Chalkoo, Member, Local Community
  9. Mr. Asif Ahmad Wani, Member, Local Community
  10. Mr. Irfan Ahmad, Member, Local Community
  • Members from Student / Alumni community
  1.  Shazia Bano, semester 3rd, Roll No: 173
  2.  Yasir Ahmad Wani, Semester 6th, Roll No: 421
  3. Sharaz Abassi, Semester 6th, Roll No: 602
  4. Asia Qureshi, Semester 4th, Roll No: 741
  5. Mohd Zualkifal Mughal, Semester 3rd , Roll No: 1172
  6. Aasha Farooq, Semester 3rd, Roll No: 1236
  7. Sanjana Kumari, Semester 6th, Roll No: 462
  8. Nighat Zaheer, Semester 6th, Roll No. 140
  • Student  Alumni community
  1. Kaufeel Ahmad Chalkoo, Batch 2016
  2. Najot Kumar, Batch 2016
  3. Shoaib Rafaqat, Batch 2016
  4. Shahid Mughal, Batch 2016
  5. Asif Ali, Batch 2014