The Department of Environmental Sciences was established in the year 2005 – the year of the establishing of the college. The department has evolved over a period of time and recently got a huge laboratory with all fit out works already complete under the visionary directives from the worthy Principal of the College – Dr. Sharief Ud Din Khan under Order No. GDCU/Order/1101-1104 Dated 04-12-2021. The Department is having a large collection of standard internationally recommended references, text books and methodologies procured over a period of time. The students get inspired with the adequate level of knowledge from the library collection. Further, the library has also kept provision for preparations in the competitive post-graduate level examinations as well as for eligibility examinations for lectureship and research fellowship in the subjects of Earth & Environmental Sciences.

The Department regularly conducts plantation drives for inspiring students towards healthier greener surroundings and also to serve as a learning and experiential tool. The Department maintains the automated greenhouse of the college for growing important medicinal, ornamental and horticultural plants for the dissemination of knowledge to the students and for the conservation purposes.

The students are also encouraged to participate in the environment focussed events both within the college as well as outside of the institution. The students of the college are regularly taken for ecological and educational trips and tours to different environs and various educational institutions for learning and inculcation of values towards environmental protection besides inspiring students for future career planning towards higher studies and research in the subjects of Earth and Environmental Sciences.