• The Department of English came into existence with the establishment of the college in 2005.The Department offers undergraduate courses in General English as a compulsory subject and skill Enhancement Courses in English Language Teaching (ELT) and English Writing skills (EWS) as an optional subject. The said courses focuses on introducing students to various Literary and intellectual figures of history and Literature and developing the ability to understand, speak and write in English Proficiently.The Department has sought to promote Language and Literary excellence among students and inculcating Professionalism through quality education.The Department had also Sent Proposal for the establishment of  Language Laboratory to equip the students with good Communication skills and to emphasis the need of English in the globalised scenario prevalent today.


The mainstay of the Department is to be a centre for learning that nurtures the students with a deeper understanding of English Language which will help them in career opportunities and to enable them to progress expeditiously and avail maximum benefits from their learning experience.


To equip the students with effective command of English and its Linguistic Structures.

To train the students in critical reading and writing that enables them for future research and career opportunities.

To prepare the students to discover the dynamics of English studies in the present context.

To inculcate a spirit of personal integrity and social responsibility that enables them to have a holistic approach towards life.

To train the students to identify the linguistic structures of poetic texts: symbols, metaphors and other tropes.


NameDesignation  QualificationTeaching Experience
Asmat NabiHOD  M.Phil/ SET03
Dr. Gowhar Ahmad Wani      LecturerP       Ph.D  05

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