Education is regarded as the core subject among all the teaching subjects. It deals with all the stakeholders such as administrators, learners and teachers. It provides the methodology to all other subjects for achieving the desired aims and objectives. This department was established in the year 2005 along with the establishment of the college and is one of the largest departments in the college as for as student enrolment is concerned. At present there are more than 500 students enrolled in the department. The department of education provides opportunity to the students to acquaint them with  philosophical, sociological and psychological foundations of education besides history of development of education system in India, emerging trends in the field of Education and issues and trends in contemporary Indian education to make them understand the nature and problems of education so that the students after studying education in the department can better serve the society and solve problems of education at various stages. Besides general education, other subjects like early childhood care and education, Educational technology and guidance and counseling are taught as skill enhancement courses in the department. The department intends to establish a full-fledged Educational technology laboratory in near future. our department provides free access to internet to our faculty and students to get access to various teaching learning resources. The classrooms in our department have smart interactive boards to replace traditional teaching methods with new and innovative methods of teaching. The main objective of this department is to provide quality education and necessary skills. Our department is committed to raise the standard of education and disseminate knowledge and develop wisdom for playing its part in building up a strong nation.


I take this opportunity to welcome you all to the department of Education at Government Degree College Uri.  It is a matter of great pleasure to be Head of the Department of Education, which started its journey in 2005 with the establishment of the college. Our aim is to remain at forefront of teaching and learning. Our goal is to inculcate students with skills and expertise through education. Our department is committed to provide quality education to our students. The department is committed to instill love for knowledge, develop wisdom, personality and leadership qualities in our students. The department works for overall growth of students and to provide society with individuals who will in future not only serve the department of education as teachers, lecturers and professors but also undertake research in the field of education to take our education system to new heights.

As a Head of the Department, I assure you that we maintain high academic standard with our distinct student centric teaching-learning method. In addition to the teaching and learning process, we develop skills in our students to face the challenges of life boldly. The faculty of our department is capable enough to empower students, to nurture their capabilities and help in transforming their lives. The department believes that education is our best hope for the future.

Faculty Profile
S. No.  Name of TeacherDesignationQualification    Specialization  Teaching Experience (Yrs)
1.Mr. Bilal Ahmad LoneAssistant ProfessorM.A. M.Ed. NET, SETSpecial Education, Guidance & Counseling, Early Childhood Care &     Education  7 Years