About Department

The Department Of Political science was established in the year 2005 along with the establishment of the college and is one of the largest departments in the college as for as student enrolment is concerned. Political science is one of the important disciplines taught in the college.  At present there are more than 200 students enrolled in the department of Political science.  Besides teaching academic courses prescribed by the University of Kashmir Srinagar, the department encourages inter-disciplinary initiatives with the rationale of enabling students to think critically and to develop a Political consciousness. The Department of Political has been playing a magnificent role in the educational activity in the region. The department has 1 sanctioned post. The members of the department have voluminous experience to their credit imparting quality education to students. They keep themselves updated about the changing aspects of political science at the regional, National and International levels.

Aims and Objectives of Department


  • To enable the students to understand the different perspectives of political scenario.
  • To create opportunities for the students to acquire rational knowledge.
  • To develop the critical attitude towards political arena.
  • To make students capable of contributing towards national integration and universal brotherhood.


  • To provide reliable knowledge about political science.
  • To provide awareness about various political aspects as a responsible citizen.
  • To develop awareness about the emerging trends in political science.
  • To encourage and support students to undertake research in political science.
  • To support students to study contemporary issues on the basis of political background.
  • To study the social, political and economic influence of political facts on Culture, economy and other areas of human development.




NameGenderQualificationTeaching Exp.
Prof. Manzoor Ahmad KuthooMMA23 Yrs
Dr. Towseef Ahmad GanaiM NET/ Ph.D03