Government Degree College Uri has implemented Three Tier Feedback System designed by Department of Higher Education Government of UT of J&K. The Different Components of Feedback system are as :

  1. Student Feedback
    • This is an anonymous student feedback process through a structured
    • A Student must have at least 60% attendance to be eligible to fill this
    • The feedback will be taken twice in a semester i.e. in Mid Semester- 45
    days after the start of the semester and the second feedback at the end of
    Semester, i.e. 90 Days after the start of the semester.
    • The anonymous feedback generated will be collated by the concerned
    Principal and final data (subject wise) will be shared with the concerned
    • This will help the faculty understand the perspective of the learners and
    to further improve the teaching-learning process.
  2. Faculty Evaluation and Feedback
    • This is a quarterly feedback cum evaluation process where every
    faculty member is graded by the Principal on a series of parameters
    including teaching, research and participation in other college
    activities. Student feedback is an important component of this
    • The aim of this process is to provide objective feedback to the
    faculty and encourage them to build on their strengths and work on
    their lesser strengths.
    • This will help create a culture of excellence within the Higher
    Education Ecosystem, so that everyone contributes to the best of
    the abilities and maintains the highest possible
    • standards.
    • The quarterly faculty evaluation shall be the basis of the Annual
    Performance Report (APR).
  3. Institutional Feedback
    • This exercise aims to capture feedback from the
    students as well as faculty members about their
    overall experience in the Institute in terms of
    infrastructure, services and other facilities.
    • This feedback too is anonymous and has to be
    obtained quarterly i.e. 4 times in a year.
    • The special feature of this feedback is that it is
    obtained from both the students and the