Arabic was introduced as one of the subjects in the year 2005 with the establishment of college in the same year. Arabic language is one of the Semitic and alive languages of the world. It outshines all other semitic language in conservatism, plethora of vocabulary, and possibilities of syntactic and elaborate of verbal forms. In case of Modern Arabic Language, despite the existence of regional dialects, the media of mass communication has helped to develop a standard form of Arabic. Arabic Language is basis of Arab cultural unity. It is the principal cultural character shared by all Arabs and links all Islamic traditions. Expertise in Arabic is an opportunity to avail jobs in Gulf and Middle East countries. Besides, it is one of the official languages of U.N.O. and several international agencies. It is the language of Holy Quran, Hadith and Islamic Sciences. In middle ages, it was the language of science and left its traces in many branches of science. Being a vehicle of cultural and political expression among the people who readily respond to the evocative power it affords, it has gained a praiseworthy place of its own among the living world languages. Presently undergraduate student from all semesters are studying Arabic as a subject. The faculty appointed by Department of Higher Education, Jammu and Kashmir is competent enough to handle the classes efficiently and conduct all academic programmes of the department successfully. The institution has a rich collection of books on the Arabic subject.